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Massage is essential for those of us who experience stress, pain, discomfort, or who just need to unwind. 

Hot Stone Massage 60 minutes $75, 90 minutes $120

Hot stone is by far the most relaxing experience. Warmed basalt rocks are used to massage the body.

Deep Tissue Massage 60 minutes $75, 90 minutes $110

This massage is best for athletes. Treatment is done on areas specified by you, whether you have been injured or you appreciate more pressure in those tight spots.

Swedish Massage 60 minutes $70, 90 minutes $100

Swedish treatment is a great option for anyone who experiences insomnia or stress. Pressure can be very light to very deep. Just let your therapist know what suits you best. 

Pregnancy Massage 60 minutes $60, 90 minutes $90

This massage varies with each trimester. Includes a full leg and foot massage. Great for moms pre, during, or post pregnancy.

Cupping Massage 60 minutes  $75, 90 minutes  $120

Cupping is a great alternative to deep tissue. It releases knots with suction rather than deep pressure. Great for those who need deeper work but prefer lighter touch.

20 Minute Chair Massage  $20

30 Minute Chair Massage  $30

Foot Massage 30 minutes  $30

This service includes a warm foot bath, foot and leg scrub with our Farmhouse Fresh scrub, and a luxurious foot massage.

Bliss Wrap & Massage 75 minutes,  $119.00

This service include full body dry brushing and hot cocoa butter painted on. Then you'll be wrapped in warmness bliss for 20 minutes. After the warm cocoa butter is absorbed you will enjoy a full body massage.

Maintenance Massage 

Hot Stone 60 minutes $65,  90 minutes $100

Deep Tissue 60 minutes $60,  90 minutes $90

Swedish 60 minutes $55,  90 minutes $80

Pregnancy 60 minutes $50,  90 minutes $75

We are proud to offer you maintenance massage within 3 - 4 weeks of your last massage appointment. This is a great option for those of you who need a monthly massage to help keep the areas you need worked on mobile and stress free.

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