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Permanent Brows

We offer two different styles of permanent brows, Microblading and Powder Brows. We also offer emergency saline lightening to remove permanent makeup of all kinds.

Microblading: $499

5 Week Touch-Up: $99

3 - 6 Month Touch-Up:  $129

6 - 12 Month Touch-Up:  $159

12 - 18 Month Touch-Up:  $249

Powder Brows: $399 (Includes 8 Week Touch Up)

12 - 18 Month Touch-Up  $200

Saline Tattoo Lightening/ Tattoo Removal: $150 per Session

Using the Li-FT technique, we are able to lighten/remove your cosmetic tattoo. Li-FT is a unique saline removal formula made by Li Pigments. No chemicals, no acids. All natural salt and fruit seed extract. It is able to lighten permanent makeup and body tattoos. Can be done as an emergency treatment or in multiple sessions on older work.

Pre-Procedure Information

  1. Tweezing or waxing should be done 72 hours before your appointment.  Electrolysis should be done seven days prior to your procedure.  Do not resume any method of hair removal for 14 days.

  2. If eyebrows are normally tinted, have this done no less than 72 hours of your procedure.

  3. Do not take aspirin, blood thinning medications or drink excessive amounts of alcohol or coffee 48 hours before procedure date.

Post-Care Information

Wash your hands before doing any aftercare.  For the first day of your procedure, wipe your treated area three hours after procedure with a cold lightly damp sterile cloth.  Your Microblading cosmetics will produce a yellowish-clear fluid, which is lymphatic liquid (plasma).  This is normal as your skin is trying to heal itself.  Wipe again in the evening and before bed.  The next morning wipe area gently with a cold lightly damp sterile cloth.  After wiping, apply a very small amount of ointment (if needed to reduce itching, use very small amount, do not over lubricate).  KEEP AREA dry for 10 days.  Recommendation for washing face would be to wash below the eyebrows and using facial cleansing wipes above the eyebrow.  AVOID hot steamy showers, do not expose treat areas to full pressure of water, hot tubs, physical sweating, hot yoga, chorine pools, and tanning.  This is very important time when you must protect the scab the most.  Do not rub or pick at the epithelial crust; allow it to flake off on its own.  There should be no scrubbing, cleansing creams, makeups or chemicals of any kind applied to the eyebrows.  Use total sun block after your permanent make-up has completely heal in 14 days to prevent future fading.

Please keep in mind color intensity will be sharper, brighter, darker and somewhat larger due to swelling.  It will take a minimum of 10-14 days for this transition and the true color and shape to appear.  There will be a 20-50% change in lightening and softening for brows, in some cases there will be unevenness of pigment or even missing, don’t be alarmed!  This is the best time for you to critique any color or design changes prior to our touch-up.

Touch-ups are scheduled five weeks after the first appointment at $99.  Additional maybe be applied for touch-ups scheduled after 45 days, appointments cancelled with a 24-hour period of schedule appointment, no-shows or if post procedures have not been followed correctly.  If necessary, an appointment for a third touch-up may be scheduled at a minimum charge of an additional $99+

If you have an infection, adverse reaction or allergic reaction to the procedure you must notify Sopha Habb and understand and agree to contact a medical or health practitioner immediately to seek treatment regarding the condition and of your own financial responsibility.

Other risks involved with the procedure may include, but not limited to: infections, allergic and other reaction(s) to applied pigment, allergic and other reaction(s) to products applied during and after the procedure, migration or spreading of pigment, fading of colors, color variation and other unknown risks.

If you have any of the following conditions you may not be a good candidate for microblading.

Abnormal Heart Condition

Autoimmune Deficiency

Blood Thinners


High or Low Blood Pressure

Prolonged Bleeding

Circulatory Problems



Fainting Spells/Dizziness

Thyroid Abnormalities

Tissue Scaring






Are You Pregnant?

Are you Breast Feeding?

Do You Smoke?

Do You Consume Caffeine?

Do You Drink Alcohol?

Do you have tattoos? 

Are you able to become numb at your dentists?

Have you ever experienced hyper-pigmentation from an injury?

Are you currently taking aspirin or ibuprofen?

Have you had a peel, botox, and/or injections?

Are you allergic to any of the following:

Latex, Novocain, Lidocaine,Tetra Cain

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