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The tips you'll find on this page are based off of Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question and don't see the answer here please call the Spa at 253-460-4681 and we will gladly help you.
  • What is the recommended hair length for sugaring or waxing?
    Hair needs to be at least 1/4 of an inch long. Typically 2 weeks since the last time you have shaved or 4 weeks from the last time you have waxed or sugared.
  • How long should I wait after tanning before getting sugaring or waxing done?
    You must wait 24-hours after tanning before we can perform sugaring or waxing on any part of your body.
  • Does hair removal sensitivity vary based on menstrual cycle?
    FAQs cIf you are close to your cycle you will be more sensitive to hair removal and it is advised that you wait until after this time is complete.
  • How can I prevent ingrown hairs and ensure a smoother hair removal experience?
    Regular exfoliation and moisturizing will keep ingrowns at bay and make your hair removal experience smoother. Our licensed estheticians will advise you on after-care following your appointment.
  • Can you explain the difference between sugaring and waxing in terms of comfort and application temperature?
    Sugaring- this is a paste or "sugar" applied to the skin at room temperature, it will not burn you. It does not stick to your skin, only to your hair so it is said to be more comfortable than waxing.
  • What are the options for hair removal at Spa Apsara, and can I choose between sugaring and traditional waxing methods?
    Waxing- this is traditional waxing with sticks and removed with strips. Whichever you prefer Spa Apsara is happy to cater to your hair removal requests.
  • What dietary recommendations should I follow after the wrap for optimal results?
    For best results, you should abstain from high salt content foods for 24 hours following your wrap.
  • Is a deposit required for full sets of eyelash extensions? If so, how much is the deposit and when is it due?
    50% deposit is required on full sets at the time of appointment booking.
  • Can I keep my contact lenses in during the eyelash extension application?
    Eyelash extensions cannot be applied while you have contacts in your eyes. If you wear contacts they must be removed before your appointment begins.
  • Should I remove my makeup before my eyelash extension appointment? What are the consequences if I remove it after the scheduled appointment time?
    Make-up should be removed before your appointment. Especially all eye-makeup. You may remove your makeup here at the Spa but be aware if you do it after your scheduled appointment time begins your appointment may be truncated for the courtesy of appointments following yours.
  • Is it recommended to apply mascara to eyelash extensions?
    You should not, and do not need to apply mascara to your eyelash extensions. This is detrimental to the time your extensions will last.
  • How are lash extensions attached? What happens when my natural lashes shed and re-grow?
    Lash extensions are applied to your natural lash, one by one. Your natural lashes shed and re-grow, when this happens the extension applied will come out with your natural lash. This is normal and it is the cycle of hair growth.
  • Why is it important to hydrate before and after a wrap appointment? How does heat and detoxing play a role?
    It is very important to hydrate prior to your wrap appointment and for 24-48 hours after your wrap. The wrap is intensified by heat and you will be in a very warm room with other heat generators. You are also detoxing so it is important to hydrate heavily.
  • How long before the appointment should I have a light meal?
    Eat a light meal 2-3 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Should I bring a change of undergarments for after the wrap? Are disposable thongs provided?
    It is encouraged to bring a change of undergarments for after your wrap as yours will have solution on it from wrap application. Disposable thongs are available.
  • Will my measurements be taken before and after the wrap? Is it optional?
    You may be asked if you want your measurements taken before and after the wrap, this is complimentary and up to you.

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